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"We have been using Casting Networks for over 6 months now and the process runs extremely efficiently. There is great support whenever we need it a phone call away and the feedback from Producers and Directors has always been very positive. The best aspect for us is that when we are ready to share the auditions with the necessary parties, we only have to send a secure link through via email. This makes it very easy for people who just don’t have the time to log in to a website and remember passwords etc. With one click they are viewing auditions and making decisions immediately. The quality of the videos is excellent and we are very satisfied indeed."

- Debbie McWilliams Casting Consultancy




"Casting Networks is an invaluable system which offers Casting Directors a smoother and quicker casting process. One aspect of the software which we find particularly useful is the live link, which allows us to provide the client with almost instant access to the session as it's taking place. This can be highly beneficial to producers and directors working against tight deadlines."

- Des Hamilton, Des Hamilton Casting





"We really love using Casting Networks at Shaheen Baig Casting. It's easy to use, files are uploaded faster and all our clients love using the site. If there are any issues, their exceptional support team is always on hand. We couldn't recommend it highly enough."

- Aisha Waters, Shaheen Baig Casting




"Casting Networks became the standard in our office overnight. We no longer spend hours editing and uploading footage after sessions and look forward to expanding our use of everything Casting Networks offers to casting directors. It has already become part of our everyday."

- Kahleen Crawford, Kahleen Crawford Casting




"For the last year we've been using 'Casting Networks' to facilitate our auditions. It's a service designed to ensure the smoothest casting experience possible and it's free for both Casting Directors and actors to use."

- Gary Davy




"Casting Networks provides an excellent system, and a level of service that I don't get anywhere else in the UK.  It makes Casting Directors' lives so much easier."

- Amanda Tabak, Candid Casting




"Casting Networks is such a great way to have everything in one place and has simplified the casting process for me from breakdowns through to uploading. The team is fantastic and always on hand to help either in person or over the phone. They go above and beyond to make sure the system works for you."

- Maddy Hinton Casting




"Casting Networks has made a tremendous difference to how we, as a company, cast our Drama and Commercial projects and audition talent. Using Casting Networks as a search engine has many advantages: the sorting of the suggested talent and the ability to supply all the necessary documentation needed, which have had to be provided manually in the past, has made the work of the support staff so much easier. However, from my point of view as a Casting Director, the greatest advantage is the ability to upload clips on-the-fly, so that the creatives can view the footage from the supplied link a few minutes after the session. This is such a change having spent many a late night after a casting session trying to get the footage up onto the web utilising other systems. The support staff at Casting Networks continue to be top-class and always available when we technophobes press the wrong button and the bouncing ball of death appears. Many, many thanks Casting Networks."

- Michael Jackson, Beverly Keogh Casting




"Casting Networks is the future for all productions where actors are used. For me as a casting director, it provides a service that no other programme does, and it is free for us and the actors to use. The most important thing is that producers and directors can view footage, headshots, CV's and casting footage in a quick and professional manner."

- Emma Stafford




"I use Casting Networks to receive submissions and upload my casting sessions. This online link also gives the Director/Producer immediate access to your client's headshot, CV and sizes for wardrobe on the video page of their audition, which they find to be a valuable feature for when they are interested in seeing more on your client(s)."

- Orla O'Connor




"Casting Networks provides the most incredible service and customer support, it has really changed my life! Every agency and actor should be signing up."

- Nicci Topping, Topps Casting




"As one of the busiest casting companies in the world, when it comes to delivery, we need speed, reliability and simplicity. The Casting Networks system has revolutionised our business and, more importantly, streamlined our process and helped our clients hugely. Not only do we have the benefits of the system for ourselves, it's now helping us win even more work!! Living without Casting Networks would be like living in the Stone Age."

- Mark Summers, Mark Summers Casting




"We use Casting Networks to brief agents, schedule castings and upload our casting sessions. The system is easy to use and our clients love being able to easily view our casting sessions, create shortlists, make comments and consider artists CVs all at the click of a button. Having used the Casting Networks system in Australia, the US and now the UK I thoroughly recommend it to other casting directors, agents and actors alike."

- Emily Tilelli, ET Casting




"I have never come across a company more dedicated to helping casting directors. Our directors and producers are very impressed with what Casting Networks has to offer. It is such an amazing tool for our business, and I can't believe how easy it is to use. We now put ALL our casting calls out on Casting Networks. Thank you Casting Networks!"

- Shakyra Dowling, Shakyra Dowling Casting




"Casting Networks is fab! We have discovered so many new talents using the software. It's easy to use, efficient and professional. The staff are really friendly and helpful too."

- Annabelle Kelly, The Gate Films




"Casting Networks is my first choice for casting.  It not only has a great range of talent but also helps with the organisation of the casting event and helps get the final auditions to the client with a simple and easy to use website.  The team is friendly and helpful.  While I was learning the ropes they were there every step of the way to assist me.  Every time we host a casting I rave about them to everyone I come across.  Hands down the best casting site I have ever used!"

- Lucy Watts, Space City Productions




"As creatures of habit the team at Casting Networks has been a huge help in showing us the possibilities of this brilliant software. Having used it recently for casting purposes it makes you realise how much simpler it makes the entire process. I look foward to the possibilities Casting Networks provides for the future of casting."

- Peter Hunt Casting




"This is a fantastic piece of software! I'd highly recommend it to any producer, director or industry professional who is involved in the casting process. It's efficient, easy to navigate and a seamless communication tool. The presentation view is stylish and contemporary - ideal for clients. Using Casting Networks saves a load of time and effort and is definitely my software of choice when it comes to casting."

- Nicki Casey (Producer), Vertica




"Casting Networks is the easiest, most hassle-free casting tool we've ever used. The support team is always available whatever time to help with any queries and solves things in seconds! Nothing is ever too much trouble. There isn't a service/programme out there that compares."

- Michelle Smith Casting




21 Century Casting: 15 Minutes With Casting Networks

Michael Wharley. January 18, 2013

CNI only arrived onto the UK castings technology market 18 months ago, but with a well-established operation in the US, not to mention offices across multiple jurisdictions worldwide, it has the zeal of a start-up, combined with the resources of mature company.


Not to mention its software. I'd say that CNI's web-based casting software offers probably the most unique approach of any of the providers covered in these interviews....




How is Casting Networks different?

The Actors Guild. 2012

Casting Networks is a commitment free site where actors have the choice to pay if and when they find value in the services on offer - this equates to no mandatory yearly upfront payment. If and when you choose to pay, payments are made monthly and operate as various ad-ons. The Media Hosting ad-on for example allows you to add, delete and update your videos as much as you wish. Anything you upload can also be attached to your CV meaning...




Casting Networks UK - Should I Sign Up?

Michael Wharley Arts & Photo Blog. May 12, 2012

Just what is Casting Networks, and do you need to bother to sign up to yet another online casting tool?

It's been a decade since casting went online in earnest, and I'm researching a piece at the moment about how things might change in the next few years, and whether any company could mount a serious challenge to the dominance of Spotlight.


Of course, I've been looking at established sites like Casting Call Pro, as well as newer efforts such as StarNow and The Page, but I also met with the folks at Casting Networks Inc. a few weeks back to learn about their approach.


CNI is a well-established US casting software provider which operate across the States and claims a 90% share of the LA casting market...




Casting Networks UK Podcast

Act On This - The TV Actors' Network. January 28, 2012

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks, you will more than likely have heard of Casting Networks Incorporated - a brand new casting service for UK actors.


Now before you say, "oh, not another one…", Casting Networks is actually one of the largest casting solutions on the planet, yet until very recently it's only been available to actors overseas...




Online Casting & Actors' Resources

Kyri Saphiris. May 25, 2012

The internet has taken over! Any actor who is serious about their career cannot afford not to spend time to market him/herself online. But with an average of 2-3 casting and acting-related websites springing up every week, how do you know which ones are worth a second look and which should be given a wide berth? I've been trying them out so you don't have to!





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