• What We Offer

    • Agents

      Casting Networks provides all of the tools you need to manage your clients online at no charge. Submit to projects posted on our site or send customised packages, including complete talent profiles, to anyone with an email address. Whether you're communicating with current clients, potential clients, or other industry professionals, Casting Networks streamlines the process and improves your workflow.

    • Manage And Edit Talent Profiles

      • You have the ability to update your clients' profiles at any time.  
      • Manage talent contact information, sizes, resumes, skills, photos and media.
      • When talent are unavailable, book them out and they will not be searchable by casting directors.
    • Receive Project Notices & Submit Online

      • View the latest projects from your account dashboard.
      • Tailor each submission by adding notes, customising photos, and/or attaching any additional media to best suit the role.
      • Email talent or print call lists to check availability for audition and shoot dates prior to completing your submissions.
    • Communicate With Clients & Casting Directors About Auditions

      • Receive notifications when your clients get auditions and forward details including times, locations and sides with one click.
      • Use your audition worksheet to communicate confirmations, cancellations and rescheduling requests to the casting director.
      • Filter the worksheet by specific dates, clients, casting directors and/or projects.
    • Multimedia Packaging System

      • Create free packages, including talent profiles and any additional media, that can be sent to anyone with an email address.
      • Organise talent by role and your recipients can make picks online, which are sent back to you via email.
      • Use our packaging system to email groups of talent or your entire database at once, without worrying about slowing down your personal email account.
    • Reporting Features

      • Casting Networks provides a variety of reports essential to your day-to-day operations.
      • Print project reports including overviews and call sheets.
      • Create customised submission reports that allow you to track the number of projects your clients have been submitted to and whether or not they received auditions or callbacks.
    • Discover New Talent

      • With Talent Scout™, you can search and contact potential new clients from our pool of non-represented talent.
      • Search by specific skills and attributes to find the type of talent that might be missing from your agency.
      • Organise them in folders and contact them via Casting Networks for more information or to set up meetings.
    • Become A Member

      Please call us at 020 3384 8536 between 10:00 am - 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, to set up your account.

      Casting Networks employs a vetting process before granting our full suite of software to agents. We reserve the right to refuse access to the site at any time.

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